Betty's Notes

Beautiful calligraphy on any of Betty's hand drawn cards

About Betty

Betty was born in 1924, in Richmond, Indiana; to give you a sense of the times she took her first airplane at the age of 13 in an open cockpit bi-plane after winning a Wonder Bread Contest. She was not too enamored by the experience as in her own words – “my hair was blowing every which way”.

The Beginning of Betty's Notes

Betty came in at first with a few cards, then a temporary card table was set up and before we knew it she was a permanent fixture. We ended up setting up her own table near our postal counter where Betty had in her words “a captive audience”. We use to watch her in action and marvel how she could engage unsuspecting customers and zero in on their needs and where they would walk out so happy with usually more cards then they intended to buy. Betty loved people and while she use to kid that her son Robert wanted her to earn a paycheck, she had a purpose and loved her customers, many of whom became friends. Betty even gave classes on her Calligraphy - there was quite the waiting list, but when it came to business Betty was all business and everyone toed the line in her class. Have fun with online slot games that pay real money

Betty Kimble